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KeyPro – keyboard managers runs on Android®, BlackBerry®,  and Windows Mobile® Bluetooth® SPP compatible smartphones allowing registered users to process data input wirelessly using any SPP compatible Bluetooth® keyboard.

This unique piece of hardware and software combines state of the art wireless data input technology with cutting edge design to deliver a unique end-user experience in mobile computing.

Bluetooth® keyboards:

Bluetooth® keyboards comes in all shapes and sizes. These are some of the existing keyboards: ThinkOutside Shasta, Freedom Pro, Freedom Universal (I & II), Amzer SmartKeyboard, BK600 SmartKeyboard, BlueKeyboard, i.Tech Virtual Keyboard. more in our Mobile Device Gallery.

Mobile Gaming

sample imageBluetooth® GamePad manager. Process GamePad input wirelessly using your compatible SPP GamePad. Now compatible for use with many NES Emulators.

Mobile Printing

sample imageBluetooth® (text) printing utility providing wireless printing on the go or in the office right at your fingertips! Compatible with most small format ESC/P portable Bluetooth® thermal printers.

Mobile Data Capture

sample imageBluetooth® data receiver utility providing wireless data reception on the go or in the office right at your fingertips! Compatible with most portable Bluetooth® (SPP) scanners and peripherals.


sample imageLooking to outsource your programming project? Need to off load any part of an existing programming project? You’ve come to the right place. Let us help you with your mobile application development.

Our Try-It-First policy...

Many of our software(s) will work on your device without the need for a registration key. This will allow you to test and verify the compatibility of the software before you decided to purchase a user license. Install any of our software and test it with your Keyboard or GamePad or any other Bluetooth® peripheral until you feel comfortable that it works as intended. If you decide not to purchase a license, simply uninstall the software.

How to purchase our software

You can place your orders right on this website using PayPal or Credit Card. Visit our catalog for available software sold on this site or visit the Android Market place.


How to request your keys

* Software purchased from this site require product registration key to unlock software.

* Software keys are not sent to you automatically.

* You will be required to fill out our key request form after purchasing software.

* To request your keys, select the REGISTRATION option above.


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