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* Quick Start

These are the main steps that is required to get your keyboard setup for use.

1. Install KeyPro Driver - You can install the KeyPro driver from our OTA (Over-The-Air) page right onto your Blackberry® device using the browser on the device. See our download page for OTA details.

2. Pair Your Keyboard with Blackberry® device - All keyboards require pairing ans is necessary before KeyPro will connect to keyboard.

3. Application Control Policy (Permissions)
- Required to input key strokes from keyboard. See user manual for details on setting KeyPro's Application Control Policy (Permissions).


* Keyboard Discovering/Pairing

Now that the KeyPro – Advance keyboard manager application is installed on the BlackBerry® handset, the BlackBerry® Bluetooth® Manager needs to be configured to work with the keyboard. The following steps show how to [Pair] your Bluetooth® keyboard using the BlackBerry® device Bluetooth® manager application.


1. Before proceeding with the keyboard pairing, turn on your keyboard.


2. Open the Bluetooth manager as shown in the figure on the right. The Bluetooth manager is found under [Options] on your device.


3. Click on the thumbwheel to open the menu as shown in the figure on the right. Highlight the [Enable Bluetooth] option as shown in the figure on the right. Click the thumbwheel to enable the Bluetooth radio.


4. Click on the thumbwheel and select the [Add Device] menu option as shown in the figure on the right. Click the thumbwheel to start the discovery process to search for nearby Bluetooth devices as shown in the figure below.


5. Highlight the your [KEYBOARD] from the list of nearby devices as shown in the figure on the right. Click the thumbwheel or press [Enter] to select the keyboard.


6. Enter the [0000] pairing passkey then click the thumbwheel or press the enter key to finalized the pairing of keyboard.


Note: If the above steps were performed correctly, the keyboard should be listed in the Paired Device list as shown in the figure on the right. If the keyboard is not listed, perform Steps 4 – 6 until the keyboard is properly paired with the handset.

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sample image

sample image

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* Application Control Policy (Permissions)

Because of the high security profile of BlackBerry® devices, most third party applications including drivers are restricted from use of certain low level API that could possible compromise the security features of BlackBerry devices.


Therefore in order for the Bluetooth keyboard driver to function properly, the driver must be “Allowed” to use the low level Event Injector API that enable keyboard input to be displayed (injected into) applications running on the BlackBerry® handset.


Allowing the keyboard driver the use of the Event Injector API requires the following:


1. Open [Options].
2. Open [Advance Options\Applications\Modules].
3. Highlight [KeyPro] driver application.
4. Select [Edit Permissions].
5. Select [Interactions].
6. Select [Expand].
7. Select [Keystroke Injection].
8. Select [Change Option].
9. Select [Allow]
10. Exit and Save


* Symptoms:

Driver indicates keyboard is connected but typing does not display keys on device.


sample image


* Troubleshooting Tips

Problem Possible Cause Corrective Action
KeyPro starts with “Injector API policy. Please contact your BES administrator to Unblock Injector API” error message. "Injector API Blocking" is caused by security measures implemented by your BES Application Control Policy for your device. You should contact your BES administrator to configure your device's Application Control Policy to allow the KeyPro-Advance driver the use of the Injector API. See User's Manual for details on configuring your device Application Control Policy.
My keyboard is paired but KeyPro indicates keyboard is disconnected.

1. KeyPro was not registered.

2. [Ö] Keyboard Active not enabled
1. Verify that your registration key is correctly entered.

2. Activate keyboard under “Keyboard Settings”.
My keyboard is turned on and my driver says it is connected but I can not type using the keyboard. 1. Language layout settings is not supported or not selected.

2. KeyPro is not responding to inputs.
1. Open the “Manage Layouts” option and set the language layout to “US (English)”.

2. Restart KeyPro connection by disabling [ ] Keyboard Active and exiting and saving new settings. Then enable [Ö] Keyboard Active.

3. If above does not solve the problem try resetting the device.
KeyPro stopped connecting to my keyboard. 1. KeyPro-Advance driver configuration data possibly corrupted.

2. KeyPro registration key incorrect.
1. Using the BlackBerry® desktop manager un-install KeyPro then re-install.

2. Re-enter KeyPro registration key.
Pressing and holding a key does not repeat characters. 1. Auto Repeat not enabled.

2. Keyboard input mode set to BlackBerry® mode.
1. Enable [Ö] Auto Repeat in “Keyboard settings”.

2. Change Keyboard mode to “Standard”.
My BlackBerry® does not emit key taps when pressing a key. KeyPress Sound Type setting is not enabled in KeyPro. Enable “KeyPress Sound Type” by selecting Beep option then set the desired volume.
Can't pair another Bluetooth device to my BlackBerry® device when KeyPro is installed. When KeyPro is actively searching for the Professional keyboard the Bluetooth Manager becomes busy this prevents new devices from pairing. Try disabling KeyPro-Advance driver by un-checking the [ ] Keyboard Active in “Keyboard settings” then saving the new settings.


* Step-by-Step Sample #1



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* Step-by-Step Sample #3



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