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sample imageWe take pride in offering great customer support for our software. We make them and know best how to fix problems that may arise. There are, however, some limitations as to what we can do:


* Quick Start

These are the main steps that is required to get your keyboard setup for use.

1. Install BlueTxT Application - You can install the BlueTxT from our OTA website directly onto your Blackberry or download the *.ZIP file and install the from your PC using Desktop Manager.

2. Cycle Phone Power
- After installing the BlueTxT you must turn off then back on your phone so that BlueTxT can add menu options in device PIM applications.

3. Pair Your Printer with Blackberry device - Some printers require setting to discovery mode while most others default to discovery mode when printer is turned on. Pairing should be done after the BlueTxT application have been installed.

5. Selecting Your Printer
- Open the BlueTxT Printer located in the Blackberry settings screen and select your printer from the list.

6. Printer Data Type
- Data type is the command language of your printer and should be set to Generic Text(ESC/POS) or HP-PCL accordingly.

* BlueTxT Printer Configuration

1. Before you can start using BlueTxT a printer must be selected so that BlueTxT knows what printer to connect to. Select the [Select Printer] option and click to continue. Click on the printer you want to use in the [Bt Device List] as shown in the image on the right. Exit and save the selected printer.

2. The BlueTxT provides the necessary controls to produce letter quality document printouts on the full size 8.5x11 printers to the very small 2-inch wide portable printers. Configuring BlueTxT for your printer is simple. Select your printer to use with BlueTxT.

3. Decided how you want to be notified when the printer is connected or disconnected.

4. Determine the number of columns your printer is capable of printing then set the [Characters per line] option to that number.

5. Set the appropriate page options you want your printed page to use.

For a quick test use the [Test My Printer] option to see your printer can receive data.

sample image

* Custom Document Configuration (Business Edition only)

1. To access the custom document options,, click on the [√] *Customize Document * option in the BlueTxT Printer settings screen as shown on the right.

2. Notice the first section allows you to enable or disable custom document printing when printing Mail, Memo, and Clipboard.

3. The next (2) sections are the same as sections 2 & 4 from the document template.

4. The home office section allow you to preset email address and email subject for use when the [√] Home Office Notification is enabled.

5. The Copies To Print option allow you to print a Customer copy and/or both Customer and Merchant copy. The difference being the merchant copy can be used for obtaining signatures.

sample image



sample image

* Preventing Passkey Prompt

1. When BlueTxT connects to your printer, the Blackberry™ Bluetooth® Manager checks security before making the connection. The Bluetooth® manager then prompts the user for the passkey to be entered. This can be an annoying event. To prevent this from occurring, setting your printer as a trusted device in most cases will prevent repetitive prompts for the passkey. Most cases because in some instances this procedure has no effect on this prompt.

2. Open the Bluetooth® manager and highlight your printer as shown in the image on the right.

3. Open the menu and select [Device Properties].

4. Change the [Trusted] option to [Yes] as shown in the image on the right. Save and exit.

sample image



sample image

* Troubleshooting Tips

Problem Possible Cause Corrective Action


* Step-by-Step Sample #0 (Business Edition only)

BlueTxT uses "@" AT SIGN character when splitting text into printable business documents.

The following example requires BlueTxT Business Edition version 4.x0.06 for splitting text .

* Emails must be sent as "PLAIN TEXT" emails.

sample image


* Step-by-Step Sample #1 (Business Edition only)

BlueTxT uses a pre-designed template when converting Message, Memo, and Clipboard into printable business documents.

The following example show the (5) sections of BlueTxT document template.

sample image


* Step-by-Step Sample #2 (Business Edition only)

BlueTxT Business Edition incorporates JIT (Just-In-Time) document formatting that enable business real-time transaction processing.

The example below shows how BlueTxT transform a standard Blackberry™ email message into a printable order delivery invoice.

sample image


* Step-by-Step Sample #3 (Business Edition only)

The following example show the Customer copy and Merchant copy documents..

sample image


Need More Help?

If you find that our online help does not resolve the problem you are experiancing, you can send us an email.

When sending support emails provide detailed information such as Platform (OS), Our Product you are having trouble with, and a detailed decsription of the problem you are experiancing.

Note: To insure that your support request is processed quickly, explain the problem clearly.

Allow 1-4 hours for a response depending on the your time-zone.


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