GamePro - WinMobile Key Request

sample imageThank you for purchasing our software. We want to be responsive to your request for keys. Please help us by filling the necessary information in the areas below correctly & completely.

* Keys are created using the information you provide. If you supply the wrong information your keys will not work correctly and will cause delays in getting you up and running with your new software.

All sales are final!

Because this is software all sales are final once we have sent you your keys. We let you try our software before purchasing a license.

This should allow you sufficent time to determine that our software works with your peripheral and smartphone. If during this test our software does not work, you should not be requesting a key.

Key Request Form

PayPal Transaction ID:  
Your Name on Transaction:  
GamePad Bluetooth® Address:  
Your (eMail) to receive key:  
What is sum of (2000 and 12):  

Step 1

Install GamePro on to your WinMobile device and verify that is working with your keyboard.

Step 2

Purchase GamePro using your PayPal account or Pay with Credit Card.

Step 3

Fill in the key request form on the right to receive your key.


GamePad Bluetooth® Address

Your GamePad Bluetooth® Address can be found in the driver Registration Screen as shown below:

eexample: 00:0C:4D:01:08:B8