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sample imageMagicScripts Android Edition - Bluetooth printing from your WebApps using embedded JavaScripts on the go or in the office right at your fingertips! Compatible with most portable Bluetooth (SPP) compatible mobile printers.

AD-FREE version! No recurring monthly service fee!

MagicScripts sends data to most mobile/portable Bluetooth (SPP) printers from WebApps running in MagicScripts on your Android device.

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This software will not work on your device without a registration key.

To test and verify the compatibility of the software with your printer, you must purchase.


Available for purchase on the Android Market Place.   

* Features

* JavaScript Example

 function printConnect() {

function printDisconnect() {

function printText() {
var v = "SAMPLE TEST";


function printFormatText() {
var v = "";
v+= "{reset}{center}{w}{h}DIFF{/w}erent{/h}{w} sizes{/w} chars";
v+= "{w}{h}{b}&{/w}{/h}{/b}";
v+= " Normal {b}Bold{/b} {u}Underline{/u}{br}";


function enableMSR() {

var data = "" + Bluetooth.getPairedDevices();
var devices = data.split(',');
var defaultDevice = "" + Printing.getDefaultPrinter();

for (var i = 0; i < devices.length; i++) {
var address = devices[i];
var name = Bluetooth.getDeviceName(address);
var element = document.createElement('div');
var checked = "";

if (defaultDevice == address) {
checked = "checked";
element.setAttribute("name", "container");
element.innerHTML = "<input type='radio' name='device' value='" + address + "' " + checked + ">" + name + "<br/>";

* Character Encoding

iTech VKB

MagicScripts supports most Android character encoding.




* Developers

MagicScripts's built-in JavaScripts can add Bluetooth printing to your Web Applications with just a few lines of code. For details contact us at:



* Some Bluetooth Printer Manufacture

iTech VKB


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