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sample imageThank you for purchasing our software. We want to be responsive to your request for keys. Please help us by filling the necessary information when requesting keys.

Try it first...

This software is designed to work on your device without the need for a registration key for demonstration & testing only. This will allow you to test and verify the compatibility of the software with your gamepad & smartphone. At the end of the Trial/Demonstration Period simply removed the software from your device or purchase a license to unlock software.


OTA (Over-the-Air) Installation...

This software can be installed directly onto your Blackberry device using over-the-air installation.

sample Type in your phone browser:



Files available for download...

* Driver Version * Blackberry Device * File
GamePro - BGP100  8100, 8200, 8300, 8700, 8800, 8900, 9000 GamePro - PLUS Edition v4.2
GamePro - BGP100  9500 Storm GamePro - PLUS Edition v4.7
GamePro - Zeemote JS1  8100, 8200, 8300, 8700, 8800, 8900, 9000 GamePro - PLUS Edition v4.20.10
GamePro - Zeemote JS1  9500 Storm GamePro - PLUS Edition v4.70.10
* Manual Version * Blackberry OS * File
GamePro - BGP100 ALL User Manual (PDF)
GamePro - Zeemote JS1 ALL User Manual (PDF)

Purchasing Our Software

Products that are listed in our catalog that do not have a PayPal "Buy Now" button must be purchase from the Android Market Place.


Registration Keys:

Software purchased from this site require production registration key to unlock software.

 To request your product registration key click on the "REGISTRATION" menu above.

Note: To insure that your request is processed quickly, please fill in the form correctly and completely. Allow 1-4 hours for a response depending on the your time-zone.


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